Top Trends for API-Powered Digital Transformation in 2021

Digital transformation has taken the world by storm. Despite the disastrous impact of the global pandemic - Covid-19 on IT companies and others, more than 75% of companies continue investing in digital transformation. Digital transformation is the process of using sophisticated digital products and solutions to change business operations and work culture, making it more efficient, automated, and valuable.

Adopting API-first principles and focusing on API-driven development accelerates digital transformation. When APIs are designed considering developer experience, they become extremely powerful and developers can easily leverage data and functionality for new apps and automation. With more and more companies focusing on digital transformation, API development services have emerged as central to businesses’ needs and achieving the goals of digital transformation.

Here is a checklist of some valuable trends that are going to drive API-first digital transformation in 2021:-

  • Increase in SaaS use and Hybrid Cloud adoptions
    In a recent survey by Google, 50% of CIOs stated that many organizations prefer to invest in increasing usage of SaaS to administer workload and adopting a mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure to host these APIs. As APIs help companies build an efficient digital ecosystem, investing their time and money in API-driven development can be the best bet.
  • API Analytics Strengthen Competitive Advantage
    If you want to optimize the API use and empower your business digital transformation, you need to measure the API performance using key metrics. Using API analytics will provide your company competitive advantages as you can showcase this performance to justify continued platform-level funding for the API program.
    The most preferred API metrics were the business impact (market effect)—including Net Promoter Score (NPS) and speed-to-market as per the survey.
  • Increasing popularity of AI and ML-powered API Management
    With the advancements in knowledge of digital tools and technologies leading to the advent of AI and ML, businesses are using AI-driven and ML-powered API development services to help them identify and block malicious attacks. There has been a rise of 230% year-over-year from 2019-2020 for security analytics, bot protection, and anomaly detection among Apigee customers.
  • API Ecosystems Drive Innovation
    Businesses are focusing on accelerating new application development and integrating internal applications using APIs. Some high-maturity organizations focus on developing a developer ecosystem or B2B partner ecosystem around their APIs.
    APIs help in the exchange of data, value, and functionality across digital ecosystems. These digital business ecosystems that may include developers within a company or third parties such as vendors, clients, contractors, and competitors drive efficiency and innovation.
  • API Security and Governance More Important Than Ever
    With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting hard and more companies transforming from physical to digital, it leads to innovation opportunities. At the same time, it increases the risk of security threats due to new avenues for hacking. API security and governance become more crucial to help companies protect their digital assets, considering increased security threats. Hence, in 2021 companies can ensure seamless workflow and fool-proof security of their data with well-designed and managed APIs for achieving digital excellence.

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